Fresh Objective Caml Documentation

The following documentation is available for Fresh O'Caml.

M.R. Shinwell, Fresh Objective Caml: Nominal Abstract Syntax for the Masses. University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Presentation, May 2005.

M.R. Shinwell and A.M. Pitts, Fresh Objective Caml User Manual. Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, February 2005.

M.R.Shinwell, The Fresh Approach: functional programming with names and binders. PhD thesis, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, February 2005. The thesis is also available in a more compact form as a Computer Laboratory Technical Report.

M.R. Shinwell and A.M. Pitts, On a Monadic Semantics for Freshness, submitted for publication. (A preliminary version appeared in Second workshop of FP5 IST thematic network IST-2001-38957 APPSEM II, Tallinn, Estonia, April 2004.)

Additional Support

Further assistance with Fresh Objective Caml design is available from Sailant Web Services.