Fresh Objective Caml

Fresh O'Caml is a programming language which aims to provide the features of the Objective Caml language together with:

and some additional utility operations. We hope you find that the language simplifies metaprogramming tasks which involve the manipulation of object language binders.

Fresh O'Caml 3.08.2+4

The current release of Fresh O'Caml, the newest member of the O'Caml family, is based on the main O'Caml release 3.08.2.

Fresh O'Caml is currently only distributed as source code. The latest distribution is version 3.08.2+4 as of 14 January 2005; filesize is 2.5Mb.

New! Fresh O'Caml now has the ability to compile to native code. Performance is also much improved over previous releases.


Fresh O'Caml is known to compile successfully on Linux and Mac OS X systems and should work without difficulty on other UNIX-like platforms. It has not been tested on Microsoft Windows.

Commands similar to the following should suffice to build and install the system:

tar fxz fresh-ocaml-3.08.2+4.tar.gz
cd fresh-ocaml-3.08.2+4
make world
make install

If you wish to install the system somewhere other than the default location of /usr/local/, then use the -prefix option to the configure script, for example:

./configure -prefix ~/fresh-ocaml

We strongly advise not installing Fresh O'Caml with the same prefix as your existing O'Caml installation.

Example Files

A number of example files are available for your reference.


While the source code is appropriately commented, documentation is also available.


A number of professional developers provide Fresh O'Caml programming services.

Bug reports, comments and suggestions

Whilst we believe Fresh O'Caml to be fairly robust, it is still somewhat experimental so you may encounter problems. Please email Mark Shinwell if you encounter difficulties or have suggestions to make.